WIFI Jammer?

Hello team ,
it might be a stupid question but i haven’t seen anything about it.
with the FLIPPER we could do WIFI JAMMER attacks like this ?
i seen some small chips about that but i’m noob so im not sure iff the chef can do somthing with that and with the flipper…

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While it could be interesting for some, WIFI Jamming is not a legal feature so they won’t the official firmware have it, that’s what the kickstarter FAQ says:

Official firmware will not have any kind of potentially illegal features, such as jamming, brute force, etc. So Flipper Zero should be completely legal in all countries. Since its open-source, you can always implement any feature you want or use 3rd party firmware made by the community. In this case, all responsibility is on you.


Great, it’s make sense … =)

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