WiFi Dev module

I placed this under third party modules because there was no option for the WiFi Dev Module.

Basically I’m a noob and have this cool flipper and want to learn more with it. I have the WiFi module and all, but I plug it in and don’t know what to do after that. Does the GPIO 5V need to be on or off or doesn’t matter?

How do I get the Black Magic program on my Flipper etc. Basically noob instructions for how to connect it and an example use of it to use as a starter.

Thanks in advance.


Hi! We have a full documentation article for this module, here it is

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Yes, thank you, I had read that. I get to step one power on the module by plugging it into the flipper. Then step two it says connect to black magic but doesn’t say how to do that I don’t see the WiFi setup screen on my flipper when I plug it in. Again I apologize for the noob level.

Also I assume I need to go download this black magic thing on my PC or something also and have it running?

Oh, that’s not what it means, it you need to connect your computer to the wifi network that is broadcasted by the wifi module (so, just connect your PC to blackmagic as you would to any other wifi network)

Oh, hahaha thanks. Ok So I was able to connect to it via wifi. I was then able to add my network SSID and password which took several tries before it would save. I couldn’t get it to work when plugged into the flipper, I don’t know if it didn’t provide enough power or what but when connected to USB-C it worked.

I couldn’t do any of the items via USB via Putty or TeraTerm, when I typed the settings into putty and hit open nothing happened…

I could get to it via browser at blackmagic.local. I couldn’t figure out how to do the BLACKMAGIC=/dev/BMP_SERIAL make blackmagic or the one with the IP address in it. I didn’t know where to use that in a browser or command prompt or what but I tried both.

I didn’t mess with the updating the modules firmware, I have python installed but I’m guessing this should be run from command prompt but it doesn’t state. Again this may be obvious to all you real Dev’s but nothing is too obvious for us Noobs.

Thanks for replying.

Would only let me attach 3 files because I’m new.

I was able to get into the flipper CLI via TeraTerm though…

First of all, it’s called a Dev board for a reason, it’s intended to be used by people who are already familiar with microcontroller programming. What exactly do you want to do? At this point the board can:

  • Show your device’s logs via the USB cable
  • Load and debug firmware via GDB (only useful if you write your own firmware version, as other people’s FWs can be simply flashed via a .dfu file)
  • Be flashed with any other ESP32 firmware and used as a regular ESP32 (not compatible with the first two options)

And that’s pretty much it. It’s a specialized board made specifically to develop flipper’s firmware.

As for compiling the firmware and using the blackmagic board to debug it - our current toolchain only supports MacOS and Linux, due to them being much simpler to develop on. Using the board on Windows is currently really difficult and requires extensive knowledge of the OS.

If you want to utilize your board - I’d recommend first learning how to install and use Linux (or alternatively buy a Mac, but that’s an expensive option), and then following the build instructions in our firmware repository

Again, thanks for replying. I have Linux already and a Mac back at home in the states. Will continue to play with it, appreciate you taking the time to explain.

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Your link is broken.