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WiFi Attacks for a total noobie

SO I am one of the people who know nothing about hacking but very interested, hence being a backer.
My question is what kind of attacks will we be able to perform? and what results the attacks would have. as well as possible reasons for attack (if needed) I’m new and undereducated so be nice :smiley: look forward to hearing what you all come up with.


There’s no wifi module or radio transmitter that can transmit on the wifi bands. so you would need a modification or module to do something. If you’re interested then you could lookup YouTube terms like kali and wifi. I know there are videos but unsure if any of them are any good in explaining how/why it all works. Doing these “hacks” by just following a guide or script can get you only so far. Knowing / understanding how and why a hack works is essential.

For instance you would generally not deauthenticate wifi clients because you can but to obtain small parts of information about the reauthenticate that usually happens right after.

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