Why cant i emulate Salto cards?

Just read my Salto card tried emulating but nothing is happening. Is it possible that its encrypted?

I received my flipper a week ago. I read one of my bank cards and it allowed me to save details and emulate.

I did the firmware update and now it doesn’t seem to let me save details on any of my cards now - or emulate the card I previously saved.

Same problem as you possibly. Did you update the firmware recently?

I have rogue master firmware. Could that be the problem? And you should be able to emulate bank cards with the flipper.

I’m using the standard firmware from the iPhone app - guess this is where I’m going wrong. I need to do a bit more research I think!
Like I said, the emulate option was there at first. Now it will only let me read card details under NFC, but not save them or emulate since the newest firmware version.

It was removed from official firmware. You need “the other one” not the rogue…