Where can I find a user guide? I don't know how to emulate NFC signal

Hi, I recorded NFC from my home fob/key, it’s saved, I can see it, but when I open it, it shows only “Edit UID and Name”, “Delete” and “Info”, there’s no any “Emulate” or some kind of this. So I wonder how can I emulate it? I tried to find any user guide on the site and forum, but didn’t find anything. And one more question, when I recorded my fob, it showed “NFC-A may be: Mifare Classic”, so I recorded it as Mifare Classic, but it showed that it found only 30 keys out of 32, 1 A key and 1 B key was missing. It allowed me to save it though. Now I wonder if it’s ok that it found only 30 keys or not? Can I still use/emulate it if it’s not 32 keys? I tried to lean it to my door lock, but door lock didn’t react. No idea if that’s expected or not. I’d appreciate any advice.

Btw, nice device anyway! I really like it though I wasn’t able to emulate anything so far xD This dolphin is amazing! And updating firmware went super easy, I like it too.

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I have found some docs here, will look into them: https://docs.flipperzero.one/nfc. I noticed that NFC section exists only in Russian language. That’s totally fine for me, I just didn’t know that docs in different languages are different.

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Mifare classic emulation is not yet supported but will be quite soon


Thank you!

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