When will the Flipper Zero be back in stock?

When will the Flipper Zero be back in stock?

Consider following https://twitter.com/FlipperLocator on Twitter or using the Flipper Discord server. Those are your best sources of timely Flipper stock updates.

Per @FlipperLocator

Main Store US restock update:
Flippers have been delayed in customs and expected to restock around Jan 18th. (Previously expected around the 13th)
Main store Europe still expected between Jan 16-20.
All other vendors/countries restocks are unknown.

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I have one for sale

Currently in stock (along with WiFi dev board and silicon case) at https://www.joom.com/en/products/62f661838ed09b01ebd4e0e2

How much?

I tried ordering and got here on time and it wouldnt let me check out

Out of stock!!!

What if we don’t have Twitter? Not everyone has or wants.

I’ve signed up via the webpage for updates, never have received any for re-stocking. Is that what signing up for updates is supposed to do?

I have never seen it available in the US, except for scalpers. Is there any way to do pre-orders with single quantities to reduce the scalpers?

It is sad that scalpers are sitting on them, while developers who could be developing, are sitting around waiting for reasonable prices, and stock. Right now, the only people who stock them are scalpers at sometimes double the price. Why are you supporting that?

I would like to get one to do some real work, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Sad, seems like a neat project to be involved with.

Have any actually been shipped in the US? Did we all miss the sale? Is it still stuck in customs? Projection date has come and gone now, but no updates.

Lastly, what is the actual hold up? Chip, pcb, manufacturing, customs, man power? Seems mystery. Would be helpful to know what the hold up is, can we do something different to change it? DIY option?


  1. Would like to know how to get notified of stock supply (without social media) (in my case USA)
  2. Reduce scalpers / take pre-paid, pre-orders, limited quantity, as alternative?
  3. What is the actual hold up?



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I’m not a Twitter fan either but creating a throw away Twitter account or joining discord are the easiest options. The developer of Flipper Locator says he plans to support Mastodon too but that wasn’t implemented last I talked to him.

Since you are a developer though I recommend the option I used to get mine. Create your own bot. I used a script to check the page and send me a notification. It worked very well and I got a Flipper about a month after I set it up.

Another option would be using Nitter and RSS to get notifications from the Twitter bot.

Do you still have one for sale?