What legal stuff can i do with a Flipper zero?

What wont i get in any trouble doing? Can i use it to open my garage door if i rent?

You will need to find out what type of signal your garage uses. The Flipper can’t open all garages but there are many it can.

  • There is a weather station app that picks up the signals from nearby weather station.
  • i used mine to figure out all the IR codes for my Fire TV.
    Brute force Fire TV IR codes
  • There is an app that can read pet ID tags.
  • You can use the flipper to identify and decode various communication protocols when dealing with electronics.
  • The Flipper can make a good remote to trigger your camera when taking selfies with the family or friends.
  • Some have used the Flipper as a presentation remote.
  • Some people are using their flipper to replace entry keys into buildings(RFiD) and gates.
  • The Flipper can copy and write RFID tags.
  • There are games. Some are terrible but others can be fun to play for a while.
  • There is a Tamogotchi app some people like(virtual pet).
  • You can use BadUSB to save bookmarks and macros. That can be good to atomate computer tasks.

I suggest you poke around the forum to see what people are doing. The Flipper software is evolving with many different versions.

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Sounds pretty cool! Do you know anything about the dev board? Or prototyping board?

The prototyping board isn’t anything special. You populate it with whatever parts you want. I would start with a generic breadboard that let’s you push parts in and then move them around. Then if you want a more permanent configuration use the prototyping board.

The WiFi dev board is for debugging over WiFi but there is other firmware you can flash to it that increases it’s capability.

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What kind of firmware would be beat? I just recieved a dev board and im new to this.