What is the hub and how can the community interact with it

Hey just a quick question regarding the hub.

First off I am on android and I am aware of the small differences between iOS and Android versions of the app.

When I say “we” I reffer to the wider population of curious peeps that like to tinker and contribute etc

I have noticed over the past little bit the singular lonely app in the hub page on the flipper mobile app and was wondering how can we or if we can make our own or contribute to the hub… As I have some ideas for decentralised apps (ibutton related) that would work well in this fashion.

If I am jumping ahead of a schedule then I apologise but can’t find anything related to a git or some sort for the app anywhere


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What is the “hub” you refer too?

EDIT: I see it now. I just don’t use the App much because it doesn’t do much. I absolutely agree it could use some attention. I would be interested in this if we can participate and add functionality.


Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for the more feedback / relevant feedback on this… it is kind of a open ended question lol

I would reccomend checking out the the Android or IOS app github pages. The Github pages seem to be the best documentation available at this time.

there is such a page for the app?

i did mention that there is no real direct link or reference to the android / ios app in the official repo…

They have their own sub directories just look at the official Flipper repo.