We need a patch for NFC card in france!

Hi there, Flipper reads NFC cards perfectly and it emulates the cards without code errors but the emulation does not work because according to what I was told the problem comes from the latency with which the code is sent, I know the team is busy but can you fix it?

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Hi there,
si tu essaies d’Emuler du Vigik ou Intratone cela ne fonctionnera pas.
Cryptage dynamique …

Pour les autres NCF je trouve que cela marche plutôt bien, tu rencontres quoi comme problème ?

No, it’s a hardware issue that can’t be fixed in software

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Hello there is more indication about this ? i confirm nothing work in France with Vigik pass or nfc badge and also liftmaster parking pass this is bad :frowning:

Try to clone the card - copy to another one - instead of emulating …

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Doesn’t work also even by copying the NFC

The Vigik and Intratone are encrypted :confused:
But if there is a solution I take it ! In France we mostly use at 90% those technologies…

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But if encryption was the problem, flipper shouldn’t be able to find the keys and sectors from the vigik pass, right?

I’ll try to find an empty vigik pass to copy my keys to, hoping it will work (when emulating doesn’t)