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Virtual Keyboard design

I saw post on Habr about exotic keyboard, but can’t find such topic here.

I think it’s be perfect to have virtual keyboard like in latest Samsung Smart TV. There is exactly same controls on remote and keyboard not bad at all.

How it works:

  1. Find letter with arrows
  2. Click center
  3. Suggesttions pops up
  4. E.g. If next letter suggested on top, click arrow up ( ↑ ) and ok
  5. If not suggested and next letter that you need is at right side of keyboard - press arrow right twice ( →→ )


Ha, looks cool.
I actually have Samsung QE55Q6FNA and it has this keyboard.
Wondering how much resources does it require for predictive input feature (smth like self-trained dictionary stored on microSD?).

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Another keyboard idea for nerds
4 ordered accordion keys for anything

What about compatibility with bluetooth keyboards? Since we’ll have Bluetooth included we could use it :wink:

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Hah, that would be fun, tho I don’t think it’s practical to connect a big keyboard to small device.
Will pass this to our development team.

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