Utilizing .ps1 codes on the flipper?

So I’m dabbling a little in some coding and learning the basics. Came across the forum that was talking about files with a .ps1 extension for powershell. I understand running certain scripts through the flippers .txt files can execute powershell commands, but so far, from all the videos I’ve seen and forums i’v read, everyone utilizes .txt files on the flipper. Does flipper not recognize .ps1 or is it a limitation set forth but the devs?

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Powershell doesn’t run on the Flipper so A program that converted a .ps1 file to a .txt bad USB file would probably make more sense. IMHO
EDIT: I’m sure it would be possible to do the conversion on the Flipper too. I just think it makes more sense to convert the file to something the Flipper already understands.

I see what you’re saying. Let me clarify that I wasn’t expecting flipper to run powershell. I apologize if I made it sound confusing, but what I’m wondering is if flipper can execute .ps1 files via BadUSB the same way it executes .txt files. But you pretty much answered it. I appreciate the info!

EDIT: Just kidding! I understand completely what you’re saying; my apologies. In order to run a .ps1 file you must run powershell in which case, the flipper is unable to do. In order to execute with flipper via BadUSB, you must utilize commands given through the .txt file. Thank you for shedding some light on it once again!

Check this github repos: https://github.com/I-Am-Jakoby/Flipper-Zero-BadUSB

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Nobody knows bad USB powershell better then him.

you should look in to bad usbs and the rassbery pi zero and how it works with 200kbs of storage find somthing like it and put it in there