USB Keyboard app request :

Request to add F keys (function) to the USB keyboard app …

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For me there is already one, down the Ctrl, Shift, Tab line.
But I have MOAR requests:

  • ALTSTRING-like input as a separate option
  • Detecting whether it is actually connected to something - currently sending something without USB plugged hangs Flipper
  • Holding right button and manipulating the wheel in mouse mode
  • Make the Space on Dirpad configurable to other key type, such as Enter or Tab

Ups … You are correct, i wasn’t aware that i could go down and have more keys including the F ones ,… Thanks.

Ups from me too, because I was confused by two keyboard apps - why would we ever need them? My second request turned out to be invalid, and your request seems to be valid for one app - but there is another!

Updates for future readers: over time, F-keys disappeared in both apps and then reappeared in the only one “USB Remote”, second point as fixed, the rest is still valid.