Unlocking flipper using NFC UID

I am wondering if there is any possibility of using an NFC tag to unlock the flipper in lieu of a pin? I have an NTAG 216 (13.56Mhz NFC) implant and would like to unlock the flipper using the UID of this tag to authenticate. I am envisioning a prompt similar to unlocking the controls (three back button presses) to activate the NFC reader to avoid any battery discharge issues during standby. Does anyone know if this would be possible, or could point me in the right direction of creating this functionality myself?

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It sounds possible. My main concern would be the battery life. You wouldn’t want to run NFC all the time. I think the best way to implement the feature would be only activating the NFC radio on the Flipper after a button is pressed. That should make it pretty efficient.

The custom firmware scene might be more likely to implement this then the Flipper team. I could be wrong but I believe the Flipper team still has a lot on their plate. Definitely have more then one tag before trying this. It would be a pain if you had to reset the Flipper to get back in. Honestly though most of the sensitive data is on the SD card.