Transceiver buying advice to use Flipper sub-GHz recordings with?

Hi everybody,

I’ve used the Read RAW sub-GHz functionality of my beloved Flipper and successfully recorded a remote at 868.35MHz frequency and FM474 modulation. Now I can control my exterior shutters with Flipper, however I want to replicate this with an ESP32 and a transceiver module so that the Flipper doesn’t have to be present all the time.

Will it suffice to get a CC1101 868.35MHz transceiver (green PCB) to be able to control the shutters with the ESP32? Or should I get a fancier CC1101 transceiver (blue PCB) that supports more frequencies (300-958Mhz)?

Do I set the modulation in code or how does that work?

Thanks. I’m new to the forum.


If this is the start of a home automation project have a look at Tasmota. It may save you some work and could be folded into a more complicated system later.

Get one of the versions that has GPIO pins. I’m not sure the board color indicates anything. You don’t want the USB version though. As long as it supports your frequency that’s fine but you might want other frequencies later for different projects. You might also want a breadboard(for prototyping) and some DuPont wires. The DuPont wires come in male to male, male to female, and female to female. They also come in single and strips but the strips easily separate into individual wires if needed.

The modules and controller are different but the concepts will be the same in the videos below,
Important Questions about Wireless Modules Answered (for Arduino Makers)
Wireless Communication for Arduino (Part 2)


Thanks for the detailed reply, @jmr.

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And as for modulation, Flipper understands it as a set of CC1101 register values - do not forget to set them. I can’t find anything about FM474, but if you meant FM476, they are in sources.