Tesla NFC Key Reading as Bank Card?

I am trying to learn more about my car and the security it has.

I was trying to see if I could read the key card for my Tesla but it comes up as a Bank Card. Does anyone know where I could find more details surrounding the Tesla NFC cards?

I would like to read up on how they implement their security with the NFC and Sub-Ghz.

The “Bank card” option is just the default one for unrecognized keys at the moment. The Tesla key is actually a wireless smart-card running a Java applet, if I remember correctly.

I think your pest place to find more info on that is the DangerousThings forum, they do RFID implants, including Tesla keys, so they probably know more stuff about how they work.


I didn’t know there was such a card. That’s super cool!

That’s exactly why I got the flipper, to learn more about the crap I use everyday.

Thanks for the information! I’ll go check out that forum!

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After digging a little bit on DangerousThings I was able to find some pages with some great info about Tesla keys.

Tesla Transponder Chip Implant Hack:

Keycard and Fob Info:

You are correct, it is a Java card with an applet, the gauss-key-card applet below works fine on it.

So does the flipper support the Java applet key card stuff or no? Sorry just got my flipper and trying to learn more

Not yet