Tedsen SKX1LC - remote with 9 dip switches 433.92 Mhz

compatible with remotes: BERNER SKX1MD, ELKA SKX1MD, TEDSEN SKX1 (not sure, information found online)

Remote with 9 DIP-switches. Every switch has 3 possible positions:
(+) (up)
(o) (center)
(-) (down)

There are also remotes with 2 or 4 buttons (as you can see on the board), but I don’t have one to test. What i have is a little manual, it seems that on a remote with multiple buttons the last two dip switches need to be on position o (center) - and the reciever has to be configured to the switch positions like described. So there is no work needed to integrate multiple buttons except there is a function to create this remote manually.

Read raw and replay works great. As this is a german remote there is no ffc that I can link to.

Some pictures attached, and some sub files. Naming like I’ve set the 9 switches:

p = + (upper position)
o = o (center)
m = - (down)

mmmmmmmmm.sub (5.4 KB)
mopomopom.sub (7.8 KB)
mpmpmpmpm.sub (5.8 KB)
ooooooooo.sub (6.2 KB)
ppppppppp at least 10 times.sub (27.4 KB)
ppppppppp.sub (3.8 KB)

hint for other users: this is a remote with a yellow LED.

if you have a remote like this with a RED LED it will NOT work as the remote is at 40Mhz and flipper does not support this frequency.




got it working on my flipper, will check it tomorrow.

Recognition of random selected dip-switch-positions on my remote: :heavy_check_mark:
Works with garage (cant change the dip there): :heavy_check_mark:

thank you!

Little bug: when sending from one flipper and reading from another the signal is not always recognized…

I estimate about 50% of my send button clicks are not recognized.

press with an interval of MORE THAN 0.5 sec. there is a check for re-acceptance of the parcel, otherwise the whole history would be forgotten from 1 click