Support Request: V2 Phoenix (Phox)


I’ve captured my V2 Phoenix fob.

Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Modulation: AM
Code: Rolling code could be enabled or disabled, TBH no idea what’s on mine.

Samples 1-10 are BTN1, samples 11-20 are BTN2.

This Phoenix model was replaced with the Phox. I have one fob of this kind as well, for a different gate though. I believe the transmission modes (at least some) are the same, since I know there are both types used with one gate.

There’s no “send master key” option on the controller and I currently don’t have access to the receiver side. Anyway, if there’s something I could record from the remote, tell me. I’m definitely a n00b with programming these things.

Hi-res pics

Samples (55.4 KB)

Manuals, it that helps.
phoenix_programming.pdf (137.0 KB)
phoenix_manual.pdf (89.2 KB)

the signal is exactly rolling

the chip looks like something

check, so far only static mode. or maybe someone will figure out how the counter is generated, well, or it will mischief me

Phoenix_V2 52bit
	serial  key CNT  CNT-BIN
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 04B6 0000010010110110
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 7433 0111010000110011
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 6534 0110010100110100
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 10D1 0001000011010001
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 01D6 0000000111010110
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 7153 0111000101010011
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 6054 0110000001010100
Key:F0FBD7E 7F D290 1101001010010000
Key:F0FBD7E 7F C397 1100001110010111
Key:F0FBD7E 7F B312 1011001100010010
Key:F0FBD7E 7F A215 1010001000010101
Key:F0FBD7E 7F C3E8 1100001111101000
Key:F0FBD7E 7F D2EF 1101001011101111
Key:F0FBD7E 7F A26A 1010001001101010
Key:F0FBD7E 7F B36D 1011001101101101
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 01A9 0000000110101001
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 10AE 0001000010101110
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 602B 0110000000101011
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 712C 0111000100101100
Key:F0FBD7E 7F 04C9 0000010011001001