Suggestion: Manual data entry in Facility Code/Card ID vs HEX

Would be nice to be able to manually enter a HID H10301 format directly as facility code & Card ID versus having to use an online app to convert those to the HEX data.



Itโ€™d be nice to have the same for the Indala cards too.

Weโ€™re considering this as an option for mobile companion apps, but not the Flipper device itself


Be a nice feature for the megacode sub-ghz protocol too

I would agree that a decimal FAC / User code input in addition to the hex would be of great assistance and would enhance the featureset if natively supported within the tool itself.

I created a proof of concept website that you can create h10301 and megacode files with by inputting the code and facility. If you visit from your phone it will automatically open the flipper app and install the file, or if you visit from your computer it will allow you to download the file so you can copy it to your flipper. It could be expanded to almost anything like IR or amiibo. The idea is there, if you want to create something better than my sucky 2am code.

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Works like a charm:)

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Nice. This has been helpful!

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