Sub-GHz Chat Messaging App?

Hello Folks!

For some reason, I thought I read a feature somewhere in regard to a sub-GHz messaging app being planned for the Flipper Zero. Did I just imagine that?

Obviously, this could be a lot of fun at an event like Blackhat/Defcon, with the ability to use the Flipper App on mobile to send/receive messages.

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This is possible via the CLI

You can open the CLI on

In case anyone else is interested, here are the steps:
-Connect to the CLI (In this case, I used screen on MacOS:
screen /dev/cu.usbmodemflip_[name of flipper]
you should be able to ‘tab’ the name out once you get past ‘cu.usbmodemflip’.
-start the chat app at a specific frequency:
subghz chat [frequency in Hz]

Hope that helps everyone!


is their a video