Streaming Too Slow to Unlock Flipper

I was using the app before the 1.0 release, and the screen streaming was much faster. Now, there is quite a bit of lag between actual input and it actually happening.

The main problem here is I can’t unlock my Flipper by pressing the back button 3 times quickly in the screen streaming app. It just doesn’t register the button inputs fast enough.

For the moment, I’ve changed to using a simple PIN to unlock the Flipper, but it’s not ideal as I use my phone to unlock my garage without having to fish my Flipper out of my pocket every time.

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The screen streaming is an experimental feature and is totally expected to be quite buggy at the moment, please give us some time to improve it


Totally understandable! Just wanted to make sure it was known so it could hopefully be worked on eventually!

In the near future we will add an “Emulate on Flipper” button for each key. And you won’t have to fish Flipper out of my pocket!