Storing all user data on the SD

It would be nice to have a mode where all the system files are on the built in storage, but any user data, like passwords, keys, recordings, are stored on the SD with with or without some sort of encryption.
The basic point is that a mode where all user data goes to the SD card automatically without needing to be told or asked where it should go.

Perhaps a Normal mode, a mode to store user data on SD, and a mode that keeps redundant copies on the built in storage and the SD card.

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Storing U2F keys on SD-card making it a much easier target to attack. You mean storing encryption keys on built-in MCU flash and encrypt SD-card data completely?

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From the “with or without encryption”, It sounds like ByteMare is not really concerned with the security, just with ease of access/backup.

But I still don’t really know what the use case of such an option would be.

I’m personally not concerned with encryption, but I see why it would be desired.
I was’t considering the U2F keys. I was thinking more about card scans, remote recordings, signal recordings.
The use would be having all the data on the SD, simply removing the SD would leave the device “clean”. Unencrypted I am free to pop it in another device to backup or modify the data. Encrypted I am sure it is safe until I put it back in the Flipper and provide the proper key and passphrase.

Basically I am asking for a mode where every time I save information I don’t have to go through 2 more layers being asked where to save it and am I sure I want to save it there.
I scanned a card, click save, it goes to SD. I record some radio to analyze, click save, goes straight to SD.

Trying to save 2 clicks every time I save with 1 global setting. Normal mode can do whatever. Encrypted because some people care, unencrypted because I don’t.

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