Stolen Flipper Zero!

Dear Flipper Community,
After just under a week of playing with it my Flipper has been stolen.
I was beaten up, I suppose just for fun, since the attacker didn’t take my phone or wallet, but just my hoodie with keys and Flipper inside.
Thus, if the Flipper with name Roricino and serial number 04E5190126E18000 resurfaces somewhere, please be aware it’s stolen and I would love to hear about it.
Thank you for any help!

That’s terrible, I am so sorry this happened to you :frowning:

I guess the big question is if the attacker/thief even knows what he has and how to use it (doubtful).

I hope you heal up from this, both physically and mentally.

I fear this will not be the only case. As in other areas, why not create a list of stolen Flippers, and have the qFlipper app check when connecting? In this way we can warn the user he got a stolen item.

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I created an Issue here [Feature request] Stolen Flippers check · Issue #99 · flipperdevices/qFlipper (

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@c0mpl3x Thank you! Yes, I doubt this is the type of people that enjoy fiddling with stuff this way. Even if so, it was locked with PIN :slight_smile:
On the other hand the contents of the SD card can be easily extracted as it’s not encrypted.
I wonder if encrypting the SD card is even feasible with Flipper’s limited hardware resources.

@LoZio I second this, I was thinking about the same thing. I’ve already seen someone talking about Flippers being stolen from mail. Thank you for opening the feature request!

A list of stolen flippers sounds good. Also some way to track them down if connected to qflipper sounds good as well.

The issue I created was closed with no discussion. List won’t happen.