Spectrum Analyzer ranges

Currently, the spectrum analyzer seems to operate in the low range from about 280Mhz to 480Mhz, and in the high range from about 740Mhz up to 980Mhz. I know frequencies above the high range require components that are not in the Flipper Zero, but what about the lower range? Specifically from 80Mhz up to about 160Mhz? Why? I’d like to use my Flipper to sniff for listening and tracking devices. Is that possible with the current hardware?

The CC1101 radio chip that we use only supports 300-348, 387-464 and 779-928 mhz frequency ranges. Everything else has a drastically. falloff in RX volume. This is a hardware limitation.

Thank you for this clarification. Could a GPIO dev board with the appropriate chip and antenna handle the hardware side of things to detect signals in the 80-150Mhz range?

Yes, but that would also require a lot of supporting code to work

Is there another option, apart from using a different piece of equipment?

No, the flipper just wasn’t designed for that, so there are no easy ways to do that.

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I guess I’ll just have to stick with all of the other fun things it can do. Thanks.

If you’re stuck on the idea, you could do this by using a transverter. A circuit to turn VHF into UHF isn’t that difficult to design, and would allow you to use your existing software (you’d need to “map” frequencies manually assuming the software isn’t capable, but that’s not a big deal). Of course you’d need a suitable antenna for VHF reception and to hook in to the transceiver chip but it would be a fun electronics project…