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Sourcing of rpi0

Just wondering. When I was thinking about using rpi0 in one of my commercial projects, I quickly abandoned this idea as official distributors don’t sell rpi0 it to business customers, and even private customers can only buy one unit at a time. How/where do you plan to source rpi0 in bulk? Or Flipper will include everything without it si the final users will have to add their own rpi0 themselves?

Thats a good question that we trying to figure out right now. rpi board is manufactured by two (or more?) official partners RS and Farnell by license from RPI Foundation. Both of them can deliver you some batch, but we don’t know the actual terms. There is a possibility that we can’t get the quantity needed, so we also looking at alternative.

Official recommendation from Raspberry Pi Foundation is to use Compute Module. This module is recommended for commercial projects, you can buy it of hundreds or thousands. They guarantee availability of CM3+ and CM3+ Lite until at least January 2026. But it lack of buit-in wireless modules.

So we also looking on rpi compute modules and other SoM’s.

Neither Farnell nor RSCompnnts sell rpi0s in batches. AFAIK, this is a philosophy of RPI Foundation to not seel rpi0 for commercial use but rather sell it underpriced but in very limited quantity (if fact all official distributors I was limit it only to 1 unit per order) to hackers/makers to grow the community.

I saw they offer rpi0 in batches on AliBaba/AliExpress but I wouldn’t take it seriously.

You’re right about CM, but it’s almost the same as buying bare SoC + memory. You’ll have to do a lot of work adding all the periphery. Plus it’s even more expensive than the mainstream B or A series (which by the way there’s no problem to use in commercial products). Really, the only advantage in using CM is the access to rpi community/code base.

I would suggest looking at Omaga 2s unless it’s specs are not enough for some of the applications you foresee. But it will surely be much less energy-hungry than rpi!

I’ve add Omega2S+ here Raspberry Pi Zero Alternatives
Can you please add more info and correct me if I’m wrong.

I think banana pi 0 would be a really cool alternative, ive used it and it is really similar to rpi but its on steroids!