SOMFY 433 Mhz

Will be supported and tested using Somfy devices on 433 Mhz?

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somfy keytis and somfy telis are already supported


Hi Just wondering about this one. I see it can detect the signals for Somfy but how can you send out signals? Or let flipper act as a remote linked to the somfy blinds (RTS)

I did it once using these using an RFLINK hardware but was wondering how we could do this with the flipper?

What steps should you take for this?

Flipper can recognize the Somfy Telis RTS frames and payloads. However Telis RTS is a rolling code RF system, so you can’t actually replay or send signals, same why replay raw doesn’t work; it has security.

If you want to control Telis RTS, you need to write a plug-in that can pair with the Telis rolling code system. Perhaps someone could use this code from ESP8266 for ESPHome

I just tried to replay my somfy situo 5 IO with 868.35 MHz, but nothing happens.

Does this somfy also have a rolling key?

Is it recognized under a normal RF read(i.e. no read raw) and does it then display a lock icon. Might want to double check modulation and frequency with for instance RTL-SDR

No it is not detected in a normal Sub-GHz read. I configured the flipper to listen on 868.35 MHz and tried all 4 different modulations, but nothing is captured

Isnt somfy on 868.95 though

Prolly need to edit subghz/user_settings

Hmm according to the frequency analyzer it is 868.349. But I will give .95 also a try

Just tried, did not work in raw or normal mode :confused:

The built-in frequency analyser of the flipper only spot checks a list of specific frequencies. I don’t have my Flipp with me, don’t know if .95 is in that list. If that is not the case, RF bleedover will probably trigger the nearest match

You really need an RTL-SDR or similar together with the Flipper Zero to prevent these headaches.

Ok gonna look into buying a RTL-SDR. if you have time / the equip. it would be cool if you could checkout the somfy :slight_smile:

After adding the frequency the frequ. analyzer shows 868.949 btw

So that sounds like it’s .95. And any results with Read? I’m curious if it’s just somfy telis protocol on 868.95 instead of 433.42. Should hopefully be recognized by now

No sadly read does not capture anything :confused:

I’m a new user of Flipper Zero. I try to find an explanation of my issue, but only on this forum I found related topic.
I havev a Somfy 433,42 MHz Keytis remote that can be read quite easy by Flipper Zero, but there is now save or send button after read comamnd. It looks like keytis from somfy is supported. The captured signal with Read option is visible with a little padlock , but when I open it there are captured data visible and no save or send option.
From the othe hand - Came remote 433,92 MHz with rolling code, can be captured and saved with the Flipper Zero.
I really appreciate if someone can explain me how it works.
I can share some pictures of saved data if this will help.
Thank you in advance

If the padlock is not crossed out, it means that the signal uses dynamic encryption and you won’t be able to save it.

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Thank you for explanation. This make sens. I was wondering what is a difference between cossed and non crossed padlock.

that’s the way to approach it

Hi all, I would like your help with something. I would like to operate my Somfy RTS with my Flipper. I can see the frequency but I think it works with rolling code. I found an article that might help… written for the Raspberry Pi. But also written in python.

I hope someone else can help?

thanks in advance.