Selling/Buying offers

You can post an offer here if you want to sell your Flipper device, or if you want to buy a Flipper from someone else.

We are not responsible for any sales that happen here! If you get scammed, we won’t be able to help you or refund your purchase! Proceed at your own risk!

If you’ve found an offer that you’re interested in - please PM the user that created it, don’t reply to the post here. This topic is for offers only.


Anyone who wishes to sell his One or Zero?

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In the same boat… if anyone is wiling to part with their One or Zero, let me know

There is no such thing as Flipper One. Just a reminder in case someone offers to sell you one.


I have one I would be willing to sell. I thought I would have more time to use it but have been so busy it will be a while before I can.

Flipper Zero? I’m interested!

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I will be selling my flipper zero with silicone case and wifi board 250$ plus shipping

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I’m still looking for a Flipper Zero if anyone has an extra they can spare :pleading_face:

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Hey all - looking to buy a flipper if anyone is looking to sell! Located in USA. Super antsy to get my hands on one and start developing!!!

Hey Guys, looking for a flipper in Canada, if available please msg me, can pay in crypto if it helps sweeten the deal.
Thanks for your time

Looking to buy a silicone case
I tried ordering directly from the website but the shipping comes off way too expensive. Only choice I am given is $30+ for DHL and still could take 21 days. If anyone has one not using I would like to buy it off you.

I am located in the US

Thank you in advance!

Hi, i was selling mine (new link sorry) i just add delivery mode Flipper zero avec accessoires  | eBay

I have a Flipper Zero. And I have the WiFi module.
I bought it from Lab 401. Two weeks ago.

I want to sell it. Because of my lack of knowledge in this space.

I live in Sweden. But I can ship it to you as long as you pay for shipping.

Contact me.

I have an unopened Flipper Zero for sale. Asking $95 and the buyer to pay for shipping. I am in the US.

Okey I will sell my Flipper Zero with the WiFi module in almost Mint condition.

For 130 euro’s

I live in Sweden. And if you want me to send it in Europe it will probably be 20 euro’s.
To America probably 30-40 euro’s.

With tracking number and express.

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Looking for a Flipper Zero shipped to the US!

Looking for a Flipper Zero in Germany :slight_smile:

I have one for you, if you’re still looking for one. I’m from France. 150 € shipping included :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, is it still available?