Sell me on the ST-Link V3 Developer board Add-on

I do not want to miss out on any Flipper functionality, but I also need to justify a $30 add-on to myself.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any more Flipper-relevant information anywhere other than on the Add-on page and the ST-Link’s own site.

So what all could this board do extra that I cannot already do without it?

The way I comprehend it from the description:

  • Built-in ST-Link V3 for flashing and in-circuit debug"
  • I can modify the firmware myself and debug Arduino(?)
  • “Built-in Serial to USB connected to UART pins”
  • I can connect the Flipper to USB, like I could before, but now there’s extra pins?
  • “GPIO breakout for prototyping”
  • I can do Arduino-y things easier

the ST-Link is a JTAG programmer for the STM32 microcontroller.

you would need it if you ever happen to brick your device, that is if you screw up the bootloader, which i hope would be pretty unlikely. you would also need it if at one point you plan to completely scrap the firmware and develop a new one from scratch.

you don’t specifically need an st-link to modify the firmware: there should be a bootloader which allows for firmware updates through usb. i don’t think you need an st-link to perform aduino-y things.

(as a complement: if you ever programmed an stm32 and happen to have a st-link v2 or any other kind of st-link, i would expect those to still be compatible with the flipper. you would just not be able to use the newer fancy features of the st-link v3)


If you want to go the “bare metal” route (And thus need jtag)
I recommend buying a cheap stm32 nucleo board, they can be found for under $10, include a ST-LINK V2-1 and you have a cheap stm32 chip you can try stuff with before replacing the firmware on your flipper.

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