Security of mobile applications

I am sure that you have more than enough people who specialise in security but I was wondering if the security of the mobile apps has been or will be checked. If not I am willing to offer up my expertise. I would love to take a look not just at the applications but at the interaction between the flipper device and the mobile applications.

The flipper mobile apps are currently only community-developed as the flipper team is focused on the firmware.

The apps currently don’t even have the code to attempt a connection to a flipper device.
This is because no community member has a physical flipper to work with.

The backer units ship in February, so until then there’s going to be very very little commit to the repos.
Feel free to take a look at the code though:

Looking forward to getting the unit to play around with. When I have the time I will take a look at the code as shared above.
Thanks for replying