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Security and "Track-ability" amongst other features

Hi all,
I am not sure if this has already been discussed but I am curious as to what security features Flipper has.
Without sounding suspicious:
Can it be traced?
Can it install things along the lines of VPN’s?
is there a device connection history?
Is Flipper capable of running apps such as spotify or playing music, and can it connect to bluetooth earbuds?

On another note, is there any forum topic that include things such as 3d printed parts, customizables, wearable attachments for flipper to fit into etc? I run a 3d printing service and would love to expand my horizons and learning of CAD software by practising and making custom accessories for Flipper.

Apologies for the bombardment of questions, I am just curious as to what we could all achieve with some research and development :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time!

What filler is?
It is a specific task device, 45 times faster that Apollo 11 computer that took man on moon.
It is great for specific tasks and need to be programmed to do so. It’s objectives is to entertain you with 128x64 pixels of animations and interactive games like a tamagotchi did.
It helps you connect and understand some Wi-Fi frequencies, Bluetooth and under 1Ghz frequency like it’s used on garage doors and NFC (payments, people identification badges, etc…)
It have 1Mb of ROM (memory shared for operating system and applications like your computer hard drive)
If you like to lear microcontrollers you can start with an arduino or and mbed, flipper it’s like one of that devices but with multiple radios chips and antenas connected to it.

What flipper is not?
It’s not a general computing device. One mp3 song is 4Mb 4x more then the hole OS + Apps space, it does not have internet connectivity (you can make it by yawing bluetooth and share your phone internet, but not as stand alone, no Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz or 5Ghz like your home router, not 3G, or LTE).
It is not something you turn on and install apps from an AppStore (at least for now). It is not a game console like a gameboy or a switch (at least for now).

It is opensource and if people that love it for what it is want to extend it features and add some more capabilities, they totally can, but you need to understand what it is out of the box and what it promises to do. It promises to let you play with some simple radio frequencies, have fun and teach you that dreams can be true.

A small team of geeks can dream with a product, share it to the world and raise 4M$ to make other geeks happy and working together.

It is not a mass production device that you ask for stuff out of the box, but if you want to learn C or C++ join the boat because the device limitations can be a good thing, you are constrained and can go far with simple things, you will not need photoshop skills to map apps for this device. You can learn a lot since 90% of the people buying it know what they are getting and it’s a great hacking device that will let you learn my playing around and sharing with the community.

(Sorry if I rumble around too much, it’s 4Am and I’m putting my baby kid to sleep, nothing else to do with my hands for this 10minutes)