SD Card Formatting - Internal Error

Hello i have received just now the flipperzero but when i try to format my 2GB SD card i receive an error with the message “Internal Error”.

I tried to format it with my computer in NTFS and in exFat but i didn’t solve so IDK what can i do, somebody can help me? ty <3

If i try to go on About SD Card i receive SD Card Not Mounted saying me to try to reinsert the sd card.

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It’s 2GB so try with FAT32 ? Try with another SD like a Sandisk if possible …

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Dear friend, your problem is very similar to mine.

Thanks for the reply, the tried to format it in FAT32 but without solve, however decided i to use an another one micro sd since this is not working. The problem is that other one micro sd is not working too :sweat: so now i don’t know what can i do…the other micro sd is detected by flipper zero but when i try to format it, the flipper zero goes in “Formatting…” smath doing nothing else… i’m starting to think that the problem can be that the both sd isn’t Sandisk and for this problem i bought 2 new micro sd, 1 sandisk and 1 not and when i receive it i will try again.

Wondering if mine is perhaps defective?
I put in a Sony MicroSD, it didn’t like it at all.
I put in a Pioneer MicroSD, it would see it but would not format, mount or benchmark, even though a Windows 10 machine could Format and RW.
I put in a SanDisk Ultra I had used previously in a RaspPi, basically the same problems. I can wipe it on Windows and put it into the Flipper and it refuses to Mount/Format/Benchmark.

Is my MicroSD slot simply broken?
Kind of makes this useless if so.

EDIT: Well weird, I did a full Factory Reset on the Flipper in the menu, it asked for a MicroSD, I put the SanDisk back in, and now it’s fat and happy.

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I have the same issue… but formatting doesn’t solve it on the long run… try to update the firmaware, you will see that each time the fillper is rebooted your SD won’t be detected…

I guess that they produced a non-functioning lot… and the SD slot is broken