Screen Defect - lower half not readable

Hello all,

I just received my Flipper Zero. Sadly more than a third, nearly half, of the lower screen is unreadable. I suspect a connector issue.

When I first started the screen after unboxing there was no problem. Half hour later when I had found a suitable SD-card for use did the problem start when I turned the device back on. It had not fallen in the meantime. I have updated the firmware, but that was a long shot.

Can anyone help me? I got a PH0 but before I open her up I want some guidance.
For now the screen defect is a nuisance, I can just about read enough to get by, but I do want it fixed!


Oh, that’s bad :cry:

You can follow this guide for disassembly (it says you’ll need PH1 but PH0 will also work, just be gentle with the screws), you’ll need to do steps 1-16 and 23-30. After disconnecting the display flex connector, try just connecting it back again and seeing if it helps. If it doesn’t, it’s probably a problem with the connector itself and you’ll have to get your unit replaced (message if it is so)

Hello, I have exactly the same problem. I also didn’t drop it or hit it. It worked properly for about 2-3h and the problem started when I set my PIN (I don’t know, it’s probably a coincidence that it was then). I opened the Flipper and cleaned the contacts, but the problem persisted. I wrote to and now I’m waiting for a reply. At the moment I have put together Flipper and everything works except the screen as I wrote.


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