Scans of discarded NFC cards found in the Montreal Metro

I decided I should start sharing the scans of all the discarded cards I’ve been finding in the Metro. Lots of fun decoding them. I’ll keep adding more over time. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing!

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I have transport cards dumps (with Keys A/B) from

  • Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Valencia, Spain

Does anyone need it?

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Perhaps you could load yours to github as well and make a pull request to the github repo @JohnELester made.

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Great idea!

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I don’t use github so sent photos and dumps to @JohnELester via PM.

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fidoid I’ve added your contributions to the public repo. Thank you!

I’d also like to know why my original post was FLAGGED AS SPAM and HIDDEN by moderators here.

What the heck, mods?

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That might not have been a moderator. Someone else may have flagged it. It often takes a while for mods to review things. Either way I can see your post if I click a button to expand it.

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As I’ve read your post, the question ‘is this still legal?’ comes to my mind. But as far as I can say there are only outdated dumps to play with. So it should be fine.
Maybe another person see the whole worldwide transportation in danger…

Even if this (my) comment shod not be taken too serious, I would be interested what is the real reason for flag this kind of knowledge.
If I’ve had this access, I would make it public, as well.


I have already found it on github, thank you

what mf_dict did you use for Valencia card?

I used a Proxmark3 easy to reveal all keys.
Then added the keys to user dictionary at flipper and read full dump.

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