Saved Scans not showing

Wondering if anyone has heard of this issue. I used the raw scan in all frequencies and all modulations and found 4-5 scans with data. I scanned for less than a minute each and I saved them to the SD card. When I tried to access the saved files through the menu, my flipper stopped working. I couldn’t reboot, couldn’t do anything. I recovered it just fine, but now when I try to go back in and look at the saved files, the screen is blank and nothing comes back. It doesn’t even show the two dots for the parent directory.
I can’t even use the back button. At least now I can reboot though.

FW 0.59.1
Internal Storage: 176KB total/ 152 KB free
SD card:
62334976 KB Tot
62301184 KB free.

Can you try updating to 0.60.0-RC and see if it helps?

If I do that and find 0.60.0-RC unstable, can I downgrade back to 0.59.1?

I’ve downgraded without issue. BUT ITS Possible that you may loose your passport progress level

OK, good to know. Thanks.

Yes, you can downgrade, but most of the issues in 0.60.0-RC have been fixed in the latest dev build