Rolling CODE with CAME SPACE problem


I can read my remote control, but can’t open gate.

Anybody can help ?

But when I recorded signal in RAW mode it’s work ok, but only one time, this is normal function.
But in normal read function, when it correctly recognised key by Fliiper, and when I save it, and run emulate function, gate wasn’t open, why ?

You are not using stock firmware and this forum doesn’t support the use of non-official firmware. For security reasons and to avoid de-sync of original remotes sending rolling code data is not allowed on flipper with stock firmware.
You can try to trick your keeloq reciever intro a re-sync AT YOUR OWN RISK but you might end up with non working remotes.

Save a raw file with 3 consecutive presses of the original remote. Save as raw. Try to send that to the reciever. If the system is exploitable with a re-sync attack this should work and open all the time.

did you solve the problem with Came remotes?
Jacek (CAME V900E)

Again with official firmware one is not supposed to save/send keeloq codes …