Rickroll youtube video NFC

This youtube video has a video of someone using the NFC section to send over a video to a phone. Is this real? Can someone please help me ASAP.

In fact the NFC tag just says ‘open this URL’. The video is not part of the transmitted data.

Hi, how do i install the file onto my flipper? please walk me through!!

You don’t need to install NFC files. You need to copy to a known place. Than open in the matching module on the Flipper.
How you select the file, you can already see I’m the TicTok.
Way 1: Turn off your Flipper, take out the SD Card, copy the downloaded file on the SD card. Pit it back in the Flipper and select it, as seen in the TikToc
Way 2: Download qFlipper for your operating system. Choose a directory on the Card, copy the file and … select it, as shown in the TikTok.

I have never written TicToc, so often in my life and hope I don’t have to in future. I have no more versions left.

Can you not just insert the file when connected to the flipper on the computer?

i did a similar thing but kept the sd card in

Thanks @picklerick