RGB backlight color

I found and old RCA Lyra mp3 player with liquid crystal backlight display and that gave me an idea. Can you put a RGB backlight display color selector on the flipper zero?


Blue !

Ah, it’s not possible with the screen we chose for Flipper Zero. It’s yellow only.

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Ok, I didn’t know, thanks for the answer.

We have looked at display with RGB backlight but it slightly bigger and not fit in our case. Also it required more 3 MCU legs or additional IC to control colors.

Teoretically, you can use non-backlight display (with lens on side) and set cheap smart 2020 leds like APA-102 (requires 2 legs) or APA-104 (requires one leg, but haven’t seen 2020 version).

But I think it’s overkill. Let’s leave it for modders.

It is possible now! Check out this guide


Save the vibro canel, it’s fabulous :ice_cube: