RFID RAW reading allways reads

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I’m trying to read my cat’s chip with the option “read animal” but with not success. I tried “read raw” option and afer few seconds Flipper told me that has read “something” I was quite happy thinking i have located & readed the chip.

But, accidentaly, I activated the “read raw” option while holding my Flipper away from any RFID card/chip/cat and after a few seconds Flipper told that has read “something” and has generated *.raw files. I have tried several times (reading “air”) and the behaviour has reproduced every time.

is there any way to know if RAW reading has read something or “air”? why is flipper “reading air” in read raw mode?

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How did you get into the read RAW mode for LF-RFID?

You need to enable DEBUG on settings and only then you will see the READ RAW option on the RFID app.

Is located in extra actions, I have Flipper updated at 0.68.1

Hi, are You sure Your cat have 125kHz i have seen 134kHz as well so that’s why You might have problems reading the cat …

I have managed to read my three cats with “read animal” option after a few tries. My question is: why “read raw” gives results allways? Read or read animal keeps running until they read something, but read raw allways gives positives results after few seconds…

Offtopic: could you tell me what digit 4 to 6 says for your cat?

The first three are the country code, the following are ‘the type’. For all dogs I’ve scanner it is nnn-093 …

Thanks for the Information. Interesting.

Today I’ve tried to reproduce your description. Yes, it works exact as you said.
It doesn’t work ‘just in the air’ for me, I need to go over some parts of my body. It works even faster, if I go over my wedding ring. But as far as I can see, on the first look the file contains garbage, no useful information. (I have no Laptop with me, don’t know any Android solution for plain signal analysis).

A few weeks ago, as I started with reading animal tags, I scanned 10 to 30 min without any result. I only was convinced of the reliability, because my wife got always the same scan result.

My dog gives me ID: 941-0000…
His origin is Spain, Canarian islands to be precises.

Hi, the RAW RFID recording option just blindly records what it hears, it doesn’t try to detect if the chip is present in any way, as it can cause issues with weird cards that aren’t detected properly