RFID Fuzzer don't work

I tried to brute force my door lock but when I held it to the lock, the lock didn’t even work.
I tried like this guys way-- https://www.tiktok.com/@strawlrus/video/7151459076663299374?lang=en

As I mentioned it didn’t work, please help.

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You aren’t going to get a 100% success rate. Some locks won’t work with the fuzzer. The Tik Tokkers don’t tell you that they tried many doors before they found one that worked. That information isn’t great for clicks. It’s not possible to try every code so the fuzzer only goes through common codes.


When I held my flipper zero against the door lock nothing happened, it was like simply holding a piece of paper against it.

Are there any NFC brute forcing “Detect reader” files I can download and use to brute force my door lock?

RFID Fuzzer is for 125khz and my door lock is 13.56Mhz (NFC), is there any kind of NFC Fuzzer, it would be super if there is.

You are correct in that I was thinking of the RFID fuzzer and not an NFC fuzzer. If there is an app it’s in this repo somewhere.