RFID frequency diagnostics


How easy (or hard) would it be to use the flipper as a frequency diagnostics for access control?

Basically have the same use at this little guy.
Just says if the reader is 125Khz or 13.6mhz



I was about to post the same question …

This would be a usefull option to have on the flipper, to detect if the reader is a RFID or NFC one as the card you posted. By the way i do have that exact same card and is very usefull when you don’t know anything about a reader and there is nothing printed on it to clue you in what brand it is and what frequency it uses.

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It’s easy to do for NFC but quite tricky for 125khz RFID, so we’ve put this off for now until we find a good way to do it.


Ok … Thanks.

If it’s easy for NFC then maybe just an app that tells you if it’s NFC or not would be helpful to know because if not NFC then maybe its RFID?

That would be a good start, but RFID is also really important.
There are 4 cases here for access control:

  • 13.6mHz only
  • 125Khz only
  • dual frequency (13.6mHz&125Khz)
  • nothing (dead or no power)

Some dual frequency reader can be setup to read one, or the other or both …

Don’t forget that readers can work on other frequency as well …

That’s what “Detect reader” in the NFC app will do. along with other things