RFID bruteforce

RFID is commonly used, the flipper advertises that it can copy RFID codes to emulate them. I have done my fair share of RFID universal key research. It seems it needs to transmit a series of binary code or hexadecimal code. There are ways to emulate that unique code, and seeing as the flipper seems to be able to emulate RFID codes, is there not a way to brute-force the code using a built in script?

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The idea sounds good, but I’m afraid this won’t be useful. While broadcasting a remote radio signal (like garage doors remote), in some cases you’re able to send all of the combinations in a row. When it comes to the NFC / RFID you have to scan them one by one. It takes some time.
Please take a look at the links.
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSVCqi-M2x0](RFID bruteforce)
[https://www.i-keys.de/en/chip-codes.html](RFID codes)

The second link gives you roughly information about RFID codes.

Let’s take the easiest case: 2 hex digits.
16^2 gives us 256 possible codes. In the video, it took 1-2 seconds to read one code, so you’d have to stay up to 4 minutes in front of the beeping reader to break into. I guess codes are usually longer than 2 digits :frowning:

Yeah most codes are probably easily six or more digits so if you do the math enjoy the heat death of the universe

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Ok, thanks