Retired remote for sun protection (sunfun)

I heard and read lot of things about the flipper zero so far and I wonder if it might come in handy for my following issue:
I own a retractable sun protection for my balcony. However this year the remote control broke and when I asked the manufacturer I was told: to old, no support go and buy a new sun protection with a new motor and a new remote or try a “generic” remote control. So I tried multiple of those to no success.

So with the flipper I am thinking about to get it, to make the motor run again, but I am not sure how I should proceed on getting the right protocol / frequency.

For now I gathered the following facts:

  • manufacturer: sunfun (private brand of Bauhaus)
  • Frequency: Most likely 433 MHz
  • inside the remote the circuit is labeled with “homey”

Any idea / suggestion (or even someone with an identical remote for reverse engineering with the flipper) is welcome.

Easy way would be to capture the raw data from your old remote but that would require for the remote to work …

Maybe if the remotes are all the same with the same code and ones work with the others it might be possible to get some raws from someone with the same system … But most likely it would be a fixed code that would be diferent from device to device even if it’s the exact same model so your best option would be to attempt to fix the old/damaged remote so you could attempt to clone it/read it with flipper …