[Request] PROKEY 2 Garage Remote from CSD (Australian Company)

It’s a Keeloq-based remote called PROKEY2 from Australian company called CSD (Central Security Distribution) that is not detected yet SubGHz Read.

It runs on 433.92 and 650AM according to the datasheet (even though it reads a bit funny on Freq Analyzer, jumps around 433.89 - 433.91).

I’ve attached the RAW Read (from 10 button presses) and photo of the PCB inside the remote (no FCC label unfortunately). Cheers peeps!

RAW_ButtonA.sub (65.8 KB)
RAW_ButtonB.sub (88.4 KB)

without a real device on hand, I have no idea how this can be done

What’s needed that I can try and help supply from here? As in what’s missing from what I shared earlier?
Also, is there any literature / guide on deciphering / bruteforcing Keeloq encoding? Thanks! :slight_smile: