Request - MASTER on/off :

Request an universal remote called MASTER insetad of TV, AC, etc …

That MASTER would have ON and OFF and would make use of this file:

GitHub - logickworkshop/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the FlipperConverted

Power ON would need to be compiled.

Idea would be to have a UNIVERSAL power ON and a power OFF to brute force multiple devices at once and do that from universal remotes menu instead of have to change the mentioned file to make it work on an already existing remote.

You mean like this?

I asked the same question on reddit and received shed loads of abuse and “duhhhhh”!
I have yet to try it though.

I mean what i did wrote. TV Bgone type of brute force is already implemented on flipper. I was talking about using a compiled file to do the same sort of thing but to all known IR controlled devices at the same time, like AC, VCR, SoundBars, etc … including devices that might not turn off/on with standard TV file…

Practically, wouldn’t that function take a long long time to complete? The universal tv power function already takes a while. Do you want to wait for that one to complete, then the all the ac power commands, then all the projector commands, etc?

I’m not a mathematician, but after reading the IRDA Blogpost at the Flipper site, I think of a way to reduce the needed time. To combine codes.

I don’t know if it is even possible, but if the end of some command will match with the beginning of another, maybe they can be send appended.
IR receiver are not very intelligent, so I think they will interpret only the part they understand and trim/drop the rest… Maybe some day I can check my idea.

It’s kind of like you’re describing a debruijn sequence but I don’t think that applies to the way ir communication works.

Anyway there was a file floating around that was supposed to do what you are describing but when I tried it, it crashed the flipper.