Request: Doorking 8075-011 gate remote

I’ve got two Doorking 8075-011 gate remotes and I’d like to be able to open the gate with my Flipper.

Manufacturer: Doorking
Model: 8075-011 “MicroPLUS”
Frequency: 318 MHz
Protocol: Keeloq 64 bit
Modulation: AM (AM270 & AM650 both work …?)

RAW_4.sub (28.1 KB) (10 opener presses)

01.txt (193 Bytes)
02.txt (193 Bytes)

Two decoded captures (318 MHz, AM650 modulation)

I also found this inside the other fob:

Findings so far: each button press generates a new code (rolling code). I’m not sure how the opener is synced or how to resync a gate opener. I’ve tried recording two consecutive button presses in RAW (hoping to resync), but it failed to open the gate once the rolling codes were used.

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it is not possible to restore the manufacturer’s manufacturing code for decryption from records. it is possible with this keychain on hand.