Request: Allstar BA9931T318 Gate Remote

I’d like to request the protocol for Allstar BA9931T318 Gate Remote to be added.
Freq: 318
Mod: AM650

Allstar.sub (3.4 KB)

Are you also superficially reading what you need? why is the post so short? where is the photo on the other side, is there 1 button? what is the serial number on the remote control (this can be in PM)

I also look inside there are DIP switches. you need to record parcels with different DIP positions.
all are off, only 1 is on, only the last one is on, odd is on, even is on. this is to do proper DIP parsing

you have the wrong entry. or you held the remote control very close to the flipper (close) and the receiver was blind from the signal strength (at least half a meter is needed) or incorrect modulation try another FM2 … FM4 …

If it helps, I also have AllStar Garage remote.
3 buttons. Will try record Raw.

Uploading Raw reads on 318MHZ clicking middle button that toggles Garage Door Open.
AM modulation showed signal. FM modulation showed nothing, so uploading only AM.

AS_T_AM650.sub (4.3 KB)
AS_T_AM270.sub (2.6 KB)

The re-play of same recording does not trigger the opening/closing.
Recording remote from distance further out shows even weaker signal / recording.

I do not have this exact door opener BUT 318 is mine also No luck.

All this will be worked out over time. We all gotta open source this biotch

What about a static attempt from debug tools ? This is still in development and we have to play with the FCC LOL

I have an Allstar 318 as well but the FCC Code on the back ends in 02

Here are the raw capture files I managed to obtain for it:

Exit_open.sub (2.0 KB)
Gate_open.sub (1.3 KB)

Replaying Raw capture files does not open gate. :frowning: