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Replaceable battery

It is known that batteries quickly fail for various reasons: temperature conditions, over discharge, and a decrease in capacity, etc. Do you have a plan to use replaceable batteries? For example BL-5CT or something like 18650…?37007921a156b4b5a4d6418602c35ef0


I’m not sure that moving parts like battery lid is a good choice. What about a simple 2-pin connector of LiPo package batter like this. So you will need to teardown screws and replace bettery. I don’t think this procedure will be needed often that once per half year.

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Ok it looks like replaceable, but I am worried about some questions:

  1. Will it be difficult to find a suitable battery in size (length / height / width)?
  2. What will happen to the device if the battery “swells”?
  3. It’s possible to get state of charge from this battery?

It should be sold as replacement part of Flipper at the same shop.

Hello, I think lithium Ceramic batteries would be a good option too, they’re really thin and compact