Removing pauses from long subghz capture?

Lets say I’ve made a subghz capture over-night, so multiple hours, and I’d like to replay only captured values without the sometimes hour breaks in-between them, how can I edit the file or split it up to just the actually valuable signals?

Uploading a sample file that is a capture of multiple hours here:
long_capture.sub (63.4 KB)

The data format seems to already “compress” the data so the file is moderately tiny for the timeframe it captures. But I can’t figure out which parts are actually “pauses” where no data happens and it just waits, and which is the actual data captured.

The My Flipper Pulse Plotter will help you: My Flipper

To split the file: open it with your favourite text editor and find big numbers. The number is the time to the next signal “jump” in microseconds. negative numbers mean that there is no signal sent.

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