Region Provisioning

Hey Flippers,

My Flipper was purchased from France and is region 1. I travel a lot and have REALLY not wanted to buy another one for other regions. I updated FW today and saw * SubGhz: new protocols and region provisioning. Does this allow me to update the Flipper’s region as needed? Do I need to make any changes on the device to change the region?


Hi @Ziro
It seems that forcing an update by changing release channel now does the trick!

Wrong region locks applied to Sub-GHz Tx - #10 by Astra

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Thanks doobie for the quick reply. I did the update to the Release 0.64.3. I noticed in the ‘Full Info’ section on the app that is says ‘Hardware Region = 1’ and then ‘Hardware Region Provisisioned = US’.

Thanks again.