Reading HID key cards unreliable

Noob here.

I’m trying to use the 125 kHz RFID > Read function to read a couple of key cards I have. The key cards are “HID iClass Px G9Y” and “HID 0009P”. I got the flipper to read one of the cards once, but subsequent attempts have failed. It seems to be very sensitive to the location of the card in relation to the flipper.

Is there a trick to this? Is there a reason why it worked once? Is it expected to be so sensitive to location?


BTW really looking forward to more documentation and project walkthroughs for the flipper :slight_smile:

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Same problem with a HID 0009P except I never got it to work. I was also confused where to place the card.

Working on this type, please wait.


Do you have proxmark to read tag?

I don’t, sorry. I’d be willing to buy one to help troubleshoot, but I don’t know anything about them except for what I found on a quick search

I’m trying to clone a HID iClass Px G9Y. Any idea if I could clone it with the flipper or if this would be supported in the future? I’ve placed the flipper I have on top of my card but it fails to read. I am happy to do some leg work to get this working with the flipper. I don’t have a Proxmark to read the tags, but I’d be willing to pick one iCopy-XS (with I suppose the iCLASS® SE / SEOS Decoder) or if I could get away with just the RDV4 kit.

The flipper will never be able to copy/clone iClass your best bet is to buy the icopy xs.

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Would you mind elaborating on why will it be never able to do so?

Looks like iClass RFID cards use 13.56 MHz whereas the flipper zero is set up to read low frequency RFID. (125 kHz). Flipper does have a 13.56 mhz antennae, so it should be able to read it with the right coding

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