Read 13.56MHz RFID tags

Not sure if this should be in 125kHz RFID or NFC, but are there any plans to support reading/writing 13.56MHz cards/tags? I’ve got a card and tag/fob (copied card to the tag/fob) to open the gate at the dog park. I couldn’t remember what the freq it was - I’m pretty sure it’s 13.56MHz. I duplicated it with one of those duplicators you can buy from Amazon (the white one with the fancy screen, not the blue one).

I would love to be able to emulate that tag/fob. Please let me know if you think this should be in the NFC discussion instead.

I’ll try to grab what the duplicator says about it and post that.


The duplicator thing says it’s an HID-125KHz. So much for 13.56MHz.

The duplicator came as a kit with white cards and blue tags. The white cards are generic/blank (not sure what the freq is for those). The blue tags look like they have a stylized H on the front with HL near the keyhole on the front and LJD near the keyhole on the back. The card number read was 0008910351.

Hope that helps.

Reading both 125khz LF-RFID and 13.56mhz NFC cards is already supported